visit new york city go whale watching off the pacific coast get a tattoo pet a shark move to oregon learn how to scuba dive own property in the southern oregon valley own a horse learn how to forage native species of flora open my own tree nursery visit the yukon visit the redwoods swim in a river see the northern lights site see in scotland visit my family castle in ireland go to the harry potter castle become a marine biologist visit south africa (kenya in particular) see yellowstone and old faithful finish learning russian learn archery (horseback is a plus) walk the inca trail in south america do conservation work with pacific northwest orcas see Machu Picchu volunteer conservation work in africa, australia, or british columbia see the grand tetons create human life get married see mount shasta witness a UFO hike an oregon trail see a waterfall up close go to disney world or disneyland see the grand canyon visit crater lake go to a crawdad boil visit palo duro canyon visit garden of the gods in colorado ride a horse bareback create a family tree plant one acre of vegetables and fruit make a font out of my handwriting go to aquashella see a ballet go to a broadway show see my favorite band play live plant a sequoia or redwood tree attend a murder mystery dinner find my signature scent take up beekeeping join a conservation group raising monarch butterflies learn how to field dress an animal articulate an animal skeleton from scratch forage for mushrooms/morels see/get close to a wild bison visit Japan visit Siberia see a moose in the wild visit the smithsonian museum for natural history trail ride on the pacific coast compete in a dressage competition go rafting on the rogue river join a book club skinny dip make my own recipe of chili