Dixie / Dixie Jean

2007 - 2018

Dixie was my very first dog that was officially *mine*. I got her when I was in my early teenage years for my birthday by my moms ex fiance. She was a full blood golden retriever and we had planned on making her a hunting dog although she quickly became just your average family dog. She loved to get in trouble and running around the country neighborhood getting dirty and somehow finding her way into the neighbors houses. As she got older she began to mature and adapted to us moing multiple times to the city so me and her would go on walks at night time together. We had a special bond but as time moves on, I also moved away to my dream state Oregon, and could not take her with me so my mom adopted her. I wasnt there for her euthanasia and its something I deeply regret. But she was in pain, having horrible hip dysplasia and arthritis. At least I got to say goodbye on my visit to Texas not long before she passed. I miss you Dixie girl, but I know you are not in pain anymore. Until we meet again...♥