2008 - 2022

My 14 year old baby girl was euthanized due to acute kidney failure. I had to leave her back in Texas when I left for Oregon but every time I visited, she always remembered me. This came out of nowhere as she just recently stopped eating and declined in health. It was a bit of a shock to me to see her have passed before my mom could tell me and I just cried my entire lunch break and couldnt think at work. I was incredibly close to her, helped deliver her as a baby, and raised her myself. She was one of the best cats I could have ever asked for and my partner in crime. I feel so bad leaving her behind. I hope she knows in the end, I still loved her. Marie, may you rest in peace now, frolicking in the backyard with Dixie and chasing moles together. I will forever miss you.

Euthanized October 17th, 2022.