Imagine being lost on a remote island in the year 1690. The ocean has you, as tales of monsters and legends of the deep rise above and devour your soul.

Welcome to my home - I go by AntiKrist. This is just a fun side hobby project that turned into reliving a dead memory of my past programming days. Back again, I'm here to feed you useless information on marine biology, oceanography, and cetaceans. I have an odd love for pixel art that will never die so there is an image heavy warning for some pages.

This site was established October 4th, 2021 in the midst of a pandemic and boredom. Please enjoy my oldweb obsession.

** if you reuse my personal pixels please link back to me **

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june 2nd, 2024 new blog post!
may 10th, 2024 busy busy! got a new job! new blog post and updates
may 4th, 2024 made a new to-do list here
may 1st, 2024 new blog post - major venting
april 27th, 2024 re-doing and updating my mutuals and links page
april 22nd, 2024 adding a lapel pin collection page
april 20th, 2024 working on shrines and to-do lists
april 18th, 2024 lots of new music added here
april 17th, 2024 added my fav albums in the music side page :3
april 16th, 2024 adding some new pages and working on pixel art
april 13th, 2024 working on aquarium animals :3
april 10th, 2024 its my birthdayyyy~
april 7th, 2024 new favorites page added under about me
april 4th, 2024 adding more stuff to the cliques. working on new pixels :3
april 3rd, 2024 fixed the toybox..again.
april 2nd, 2024 filled out the library/site map for the most part. expect more pages though
march 28th, 2024 fixed a few issues with some frames bc i like to code when im stoned and i forget that im making things worse oops
march 26th, 2024 updating the toybox and working on shrines. also added some more stuff to homepage
march 24th, 2024 new blog post, new web garden
march 23rd, 2024 fixing broken links and adding more content to main pages
march 19th, 2024 updating the blog and working on shrines/content
march 17th, 2024 launched the new layout! tell me what you think in the chatbox~~
march 14th, 2024 adding more links and making new pixels
march 13th, 2024 updating some fonts here and there...
march 7th, 2024 more content uploaded
march 6th, 2024 adding more content, will probably publish soon
february 29th, 2024 working on updates! i promise!
november 1st, 2023 working on frames in frames with pixel cliques D:
october 25th, 2023 updating links and coding new pages
october 11th, 2023 added a new cursor
september 30th, 2023 making the links page in PS/codepen
september 1st, 2023 progress is slow. still toying with graphics
august 28th, 2023 creating frames
august 25th, 2023 made a new button
august 23rd, 2023 cleaning up some messy code jfc. hopefully ill get to adding more content
august 22nd, 2023
finally fixed the orca to stay put. now i can move on to other problems.
august 19th, 2023
adding layers, mostly images and finishing the extra work spaces. after that home layout should be finished.

Aquarium Animals is coming soon! A new pixel club for fish nerds and animal lovers :P

What I'm up to: replaying rdr2 for that plat, now including the new bf ;)

Made a new to-do list here