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Pictures are an important part of my life because sometimes I have trouble remembering things and I love capturing the moment like it's frozen in time. Here I've collected my favorite photos to show off as a part of my personal life in my corner of the web. Please do not redistribute my pictures anywhere, as they are personal to me. Hope you enjoy the moments I feel are special enough to share with others.

**note many of these links do not work yet. links in pink are working pages**

  1. Index
  2. 2022
  3.     a. Texas Trip v1
        a. Beach/Redwoods with Mom
  4. 2021
  5.     a. Christmas
        b. My Garden
        c. Texas Trip v1
        d. Texas Trip v2
  6. 2020
  7.     a. Rafting Trip
        b. Christmas
        c. My Garden
  8. 2019
  9.     a. Car Show
        b. Christmas
        c. My Garden
  10. 2018
  11.     a. Christmas in Texas
        b. My Garden
  12. 2017
  13.     a. Christmas
        b. My Garden
        c. Texas Trip
        d. Birthday Incept Date
  14. 2016

  15.     a. Bday on Pacific Coast
        b. My Garden
  16. 2015
  17.     a. Bug Babies
        b. Oregon Coast / Redwoods Trip
        c. Arachnids
  18. 2014
  19. 2013
  20.     a. Chaos in Tejas
        b. Cross-Country Roadtrip
        c. Yellowstone National Park
  21. 2012
  22. 2011
  23.     a. Rites of Darkness
  24. 1990s