Dive In

Advice from the Ocean

Let your cares drift away
Seas every opportunity
Adapt to changing tides
Surf life's rough waves
Harbor strength and persevere
Don't be shellfish
Be on a shore thing,

miles driven:

350+ miles

cities visited:
rogue river, grants pass, cave junction, gasquet, crescent city, brookings and klamath


species observed


redwood facts

The Redwoods

October 11, 2022 On the way to Brookings, going south, you will find a beautiful national forest of ancient trees called the Redwoods. While, there's several state parks within the forest, the Jedediah National Park is by far the place to see some of the biggest trees in the world. As these gentle giants tower over you, you really get this feeling of awe wash over you and I swear the air taste different, smells different and everything is dark and quiet. It is by far one of my favorite places to go to contemplate, relax and connect with nature. I hope you enjoy my pictures, please view with respect that this is a part of my personal life that I am choosing to share with the public. This site is still very much under construction