My Aquariums

This is a page dedicated to my aquariums and all the fun stuff that comes along owning fish. I first got into the hobby about 2 years ago, although my dad always had fish when I was young, and Ive been in love with fish ever since I started watching youtube videos on ponds. I originally wanted to start a patio pond which expanded into actual aquariums as I studied breeds of fish and what fits best for me. My main tank is a 20 gal and currently stocked with 6 sunset platys, one albino bristlenose pleco, one clown pleco, and about 7 corydoras (mostly panda, but I recently got a false network as well as 2 bandits). My second tank is a quarantine/hospital tank that I use for sick fish or new ones that need to be treated before adding to the main tank in case of parasites or sickness spreading to other fish. If you are into the hobby you know that my main is over stocked, this is because I just recently adopted the corydoras and clown pleco and it is the only tank I have that will fit them. I plan on getting a 40 gal by the end of the year and switching substrate to sand so that it better suits the bottom dwellers. Ive had neon tetras and guppies as well, but my heart was stolen when I adopted my favorite fish, Waffles the albino bristlenose. Ever since then Ive been obsessed with plecos and I cannot wait to upgrade to provide more room for them as well as a mate for my male. More pictures are coming soon so check back for updates!

January 2020, first set up, 20 gal.

February 2020, first fish - 5 neon tetras and 2 guppies

Water Lettuce

Ramshorns mating/feeding

Adopted Waffles on Feb 28, 2020

Second Aquarium in the works, April 2020, 10 gal.

Waffles, April 2020

Waffles, June 2020

Amazon Sword growth - 3 months old

The Crawdads
I set up a second tank for some invasive crawdads I found in the river

New Setup - October 2020

The larger crawdad we named Scumdaddy

videos coming soon!

Platys & Neons
At this point I had aquarium fever pretty bad and I was desperate for more fish. Just anything to have more activity in it. So I made the mistake of adopting a pregnant sunset platy which ended up having two sets of babies, what a nightmare! images and videos coming soon!

Corydora Fever
Fast forward about a year and I got rid of most of my platys, ending up with just 4 which I kept for a good 2 years before they started dying off. I adopted a few corydoras, mostly pandas, which started to breed a few years in. I invested in more live plants and finally found a balance between nitrogen and oxygen so that my plants took off fast. I updated substrate to a sand and fluval mix in my new 30 gallon. The corys went all out and gave me a good 20+ babies. I also traded some plants for some shrimp with my new fish buddy. I also adopted a new green dragon pleco (longfin) as well as a few assassin snails to combat the ramshorns. Becoming pretty active in the local fish group, so Im constantly trading plants and fish for equipment and vice versa. I'll get to posting new pics soon...

I finally invested in some new center piece fish the dwarf gouramis. I bought 2 royal males and 5 powder blue females from the Wet Spot in Portland. They got here alive and healthy overnight and I absolutely love watching them! They are related to bettas so naturally they are territorial and like to nip so I have them set up in my backup 20 gal until I can thin out my corydora shoal enough to put them in the main tank without worrying about bioload. It's day two of having the new fishies and one of the males is already making a bubble nest! I'm so excited to have these cool and stunning fish, I literally can't contain my excitement.

Aquatic Plants
A fellow local fish enthusiast hooked me up with some new plants today - here's a list of what I got.

Bacopa caroliniana, Cabomba caroliniana, Micranthemum micranthemoides ‘pearl weed’, Vallisneria spiralis ‘corkscrew val’, Salvinia calcutta ‘Asian watermoss’, Vallisneria americana ‘eelgrass’.

Green Dragon Plecos
Went to my local fish group swap meet the other day and came home with tons of new plants and a short fin green dragon male to pair with my female once mature.

Gourami Babies
And of course as soon as I get a new fish my gouramis decide its time to spawn. So here's some pics (most from videos I took) of them courting, mating and 2 day old gourami fry. Im so excited to see how many make it! I removed the females from that tank and decided to keep the male and add more coverage for them to hide in once freely swimming. Videos coming soon!