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Acmewidgets, Appolinaire, Beanie Baby Doll, Cyberteeth, Cynicalneoprincessism, , Eobard, FrouFrou, Mental Labour
, Ollpheanwilds, Uifiosos, Nekonokuni

Other Cool Sites:

Queenbeat, Ribose
, Odditycommoddity

Website Cemetery RIP:

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Morrowseer, Deadgirlonline

Pixel Sites:


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DeviantArt Groups

Social MEdia:
Spacehey - its like myspace!
Neocities profile - go give me a follow!
Neopets - my profile
Antikrist Recipes - my recipe collection on tumblr
PixelsRus - my collection of pixels (tumblr)
90sToybox - my 90s toy blog (tumblr)
Pinterest - my giant mood board
Last.fm - my music interests
DeviantArt - my gallery and a great place for art
Goodreads - books, books and more books
Mastodon - its like twitter but better
Pixel Garden Mb - forum for neocities pixel artists! :)

Webpage Sources:
W3Schools - a great place to learn html/css for beginners
CodePen - create and share javascript and css for advanced users
Gifcities - a collection of oldweb images
IMood - add moods to your website
Piskel - a great site to make your own pixels!
DaFont - where I get most of my fonts
Totally Free Cursors - lots of cool cursors
Cursors 4 u - even more cursors
Giphy - make your own gifs
Color Picker - your one stop shop for color hex codes
CSS Hover - cool hover effects to add to your site
Slackmojis - emojis for discord
Eggramen - free layout html
Transparent Textures - free background textures
Glitter Graphics - lots of graphics for your site
HTML cheatsheet - easy access to learning simple html
Stack Overflow - html/css/js help boards
Dither It - for dithering images
Pattern Vomit - lots of seamless patterns
Textcraft - cool text editor
3D Text 2 Gif - make cool 3d text gifs
Glow Txt - another cool text editor~
Textanim - more text editors
CommentsLive - glitter graphics and make your own blinkies

Myspace Junks - glitter graphics and icons
Wonder Icons - xanga and myspace icons
Free Myspace Backgrounds - oldweb backgrounds
Graphics Arcade - more icons **note many of these are broken links that were not archived**
Icon Scripts - tons of working icons for xanga
123 Icons - xanga, and myspace stuff. lots of archived images
Iconator - tons of buddy icons (aim) and xanga/myspace images

Aquarium Stuff:
Aquarium Co-op - great place to buy all your aquarium needs!
The Wet Spot - local fish store in Portland, OR
Buce Plant - aquatic plants at great prices
Wet Plants - more aquatic plants at great prices
Planet Catfish - a place for catfish nerds

Pixel sites:
Peachie's Sayclub Dolls - huge collection of sayclub pixel dolls
The Doll Palace - lots of old school dolls
Bonnibel's Graphic Collection - pixels and more pixels of all kinds!
Galactic's Toybox - lots of good pixels!
Kaoani's - lots and lots of kaoani's

Fun & Entertainment:
Neural Blender - create weird images
Surveys - to pass the time
Pico 8 - a mini console for playing games
The Shadowlands - the oldest paranormal website
Beepbox - make your own music
Toonami Aftermath - stream toonami shows online
HP Lovecraft Archive - learn all about one of the best horror authors
Defonic - relaxing noises of the ocean
Food Timeline - interesting timeline about food evolution
88x31 - buttons, buttons and more buttons

Climate Explorer - shows future trends in weather where you live
If It Were My Home - compare living conditions to those of other countries and yours
Native Land - Interactive Map of Indegineous Tribes
NHTSA / National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - vehicle recalls

Kaoani - shop with lots of kawaii stickers/washi tape
Transparent Heart - kawaii home decor
Cute Things From Japan - washi tape and cute stickers for journaling

Ravelry - lots of patterns for crochet/knitting
Hooked by Robin - different types of stitches and some amigurumi patterns
Happy Berry - more free patterns
Bella Coco Crochet - lots of good tutorials and patterns
Amigurumi Today - lots of free patterns for amigurumi
Lovely Craft - more free crochet patterns (lots of stuffed animals)
Nifty Crochet - more free crochet patterns (mostly blankets and such)

GurlPowerrr - Easy Silent Goth Maker
GurlPowerrr II - Easy Prep Goth Maker