Music taste? Tastes like a rainbow

Growing up in the '90s was weird for me. I feel like my whole childhood was just different because I didn't really develop a love for music until I was in my late teens/early 20's. But when I go, I go hard. After I discovered tumblr (ew) back in its glory days, I found my love for death metal. I had to have more. Slowly my taste turned into black metal, hatred, old school death metal, 80s goth and lots and lots of electronic in various genres and styles. Being from Texas, I'm not going to lie, I even had a country phase, however, that didn't last long and really evolved into a love for OLD classic country. I was a huge emo nerd in my teens so I also had a Tool and emo/rave music phase. Looking back, it's all cringe. But here I am, several concerts and shows later, many friends made from famous bands and drinking backstage, but all of that is settling down. Nowadays, I don't go to many shows, large or local. Most of my music taste has fizzled out and I just listen to the same favorites I've had for years. Every now and then I do get nostalgic and play some old bullshit today's generation would not understand. Ha.

Here I play to share my music phases and charts from over the years and my current trends. Taste? Very much refined a decade and half later. Enjoy!

See something you like or listen to? Similar taste? Send me a message on neocities or my guestbook! I adore talking about music with people!

What Im listening to now:

April 12, 2024
March 23, 2024
September 3, 2023
August 15, 2023
August 14, 2023
August 10, 2023
May 20, 2022
April 30, 2022


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Quotes from Fav Songs:

"I come down for two, think about you, roll it up and do it again. I dont need to love myself I get love from kissin pills, and if the feelin is here to stay I've always been one to escape" - teflon sega

"Меня рвать, метать уже поздно. Снова я в панике" - phloya

"I'm outta there, I'm gone. said I wasn't gonna be shit, they was wrong" - gunna

"I'm gonna dig this hole until I fall in, until there is no end, until there is no anything" - lorn